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Jenifer Kinder has gained a large following throughout the Northeast as lead vocalist of The Uptown Band. Throughout the past 7 years, Kinder developed a love for one of the most unique entertainers of this era, Amy Winehouse. What started as merely listening to Winehouse's music has evolved into a passion for Kinder. A versatile and sultry vocalist in her own right, Kinder’s debut of “The Music of Amy Winehouse" at the 2013 Berks Jazz Fest received rave reviews. The 7-piece “Amy Flies in Paradise” band  features members of Kinder's Uptown Band as well as other top musicians from Eastern Pennsylvania. Kinder strives to authentically reproduce Winehouse's musical stylings as much as possible. “The Music of Amy Winehouse” by Jenifer Kinder is a perfect show addition for colleges, casinos, and jazz festivals throughout the United States. 

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