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Children's Music & Art

For 3 years (’12 to ’15), Mark had the pleasure of performing and working as a sideman in the children’s music market. He never realized how rewarding it would be to perform for this demographic.

When Mark’s tenure with that project came to a close, he quickly began his own work as a solo artist in the children’s entertainment market. Reflecting upon what he learned during his time as a sideman, he set out with the main goal of offering a show with a very positive and “feel good” experience.

Mark’s very happy to say, for the last 2 summers he’s been working very regularly within the Pennsylvania Library Summer Reading System. (Summer ’17 – 24 shows total, Summer ’18 – 34 shows total)

His show combines his love for the visual arts with his love for songwriting. Mark’s songs, art work, videos and the show’s activities all compliment one another in an effort to communicate his message that encourages his young listeners to embrace and enjoy life to it’s fullest, be creative individuals, and most importantly, confidently be themselves.

In the coming years, Mark is going to be working to take his show into new venues and events within the children’s entertainment market. He’s very hopeful and excited to share his show’s message with as many children as possible!

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